Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Pomin Park + Polaris Creek Project

Small Creek. Big Opportunity. 

The North Tahoe Community has an opportunity to be part of restoring the natural function of Polaris Creek and Wetland while also preserving the recreational amenities associated with Pomin Park.

Tahoe RCD collaborated with the California Tahoe Conservancy, California State Parks, Placer County and Tahoe City Public Utility District to conduct a feasibility study for the restoration of Polaris Creek and wetland complex. 

Pomin Park + Polaris Creek Wetland Complex

Pomin Park + Polaris Creek Wetland Complex – Project Study Area

The goal of this project was to investigate restoration options of one of Lake Tahoe’s important, yet overlooked, tributaries, Polaris Creek. Pomin Park is a vital recreation resource for North Tahoe communities built directly on Polaris Creek wetland. The construction of the ball field constrains Polaris Creek and causes seasonal flooding on the fields and campground, keeping them waterlogged, unsafe and unusable.

Pomin Park boarders wetland

Pomin Park boarders wetland, September 2019


Potential relocation of Pomin Parks’ ball field, park and campground would provide the opportunity for full restoration of Polaris Creek and improve Lake clarity by restoring a natural wetland and improving wildlife and meadow habitat. Project partners have convened to investigate the feasibility of restoring the creek and wetland and relocating park amenities.

The project seeks a collaborative approach to protect North Tahoe’s environment and community resources. This includes soliciting input from neighbors, community members, youth sports community and more through the process, which is currently in a very early stage of development.

Final Feasibility Study

Project partners visit Pomin Park

A public workshop was held on Tuesday November 5th in Tahoe City, CA. The community workshop allowed public to discuss restoration options for Pomin Park and Polaris Creek with the public agencies. 

Materials from workshop: Click Here

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