Fire Adapted Communities Program

Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities: A Collaborative Effort

As a member of the Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team, Tahoe RCD collaborates with local fire districts, public land management agencies, and neighborhoods to manage the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities (Tahoe Network).

Preparing Tahoe Residents for Wildfire

The Tahoe Network strives to prepare people and property for wildfire by coordinating efforts on a neighborhood scale. The Tahoe Network connects residents to fire protection districts and public land management agencies to create defensible space and ember awareness; educates residents through the Tahoe Living With Fire website, publications and workshops; and empowers neighborhoods to work together with neighborhood leaders to prepare for wildfire.

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Become a Neighborhood Leader

The Tahoe Network relies on neighborhood leaders supported by program staff and fire district personnel to help protect their communities from wildfire threat. Leaders can educate neighborhoods on ember awareness and defensible space and host neighborhood block parties and defensible space work days. All levels of involvement are welcome. Email fire@tahoercd.org or call 530-543-1501 ext. 114 to learn more.

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Get involved with the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities to help your community prepare for wildfire.

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