The Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinating Committee (AISCC), co-chaired by TRPA and Tahoe RCD, is a bi-state cooperative that provides direction for addressing AIS issues in the Region, and is comprised of 40 public and private entities and additional stakeholders. Guided by the AIS Action Agenda and the results of the 2018 Lake-wide Aquatic Plant Survey, the AISCC has identified and worked together to fund priority control projects.

The success of the AIS Control Program relies on treating the Region as a cohesive unit and limiting the spread of AIS populations throughout the lake. This strategy requires not only cooperation between the many land owners and management agencies around the lake, but also a multitude of funding sources. Funding partners have included California Tahoe Conservancy, Elk Point Country Club Homeowners’ Association, League to Save Lake Tahoe, Nevada Division of State Lands, Tahoe Fund, Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Truckee River Fund, and more. The contributions of all of these partners ensure that resources are available to address these infestations.

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