Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Employment and Internships

Tahoe RCD Employment Opportunities:

Resource Conservationist II: Watercraft Inspector @ Truckee-Tahoe Inspection Station. Please submit resume to Nicole at ncartwright@tahoercd.org

Tahoe RCD Internship Opportunities:

Tahoe RCD is looking for novice or professional photographers to donate photos to increase our library for publications, media and web. All donations are tax deductible. Photo credit will be included. Looking for photos of; 

  • Landscapes—forest, lakes, meadows and streams;
  • Staff working on restoration projects, monitoring or conducting inspections
  • Flora and fauna
  • People enjoying Tahoe –at the beach, on the trails or on the water 

Please contact website@tahoercd.org for more information.

TahoeRCD Staff Photo

Taheo RCD Staff in Field