Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Watershed & Stormwater Monitoring Reports

Tahoe Basin Stormwater Monitoring Technical Documents

RSWMP Framework and Implementation Guidance Document View PDF

RSWMP SAR: Literature Review View PDF

Implementer’s Monitoring Program Plan 2018 View PDF

Implementer‘s Monitoring Program (Component of RSWMP)  –

Monitoring Plan View PDF

Monitoring Report, WY 2014-2016 View PDF

Monitoring Report, WY 2017 View PDF

       Monitoring Report WY 2018 View PDF

Tahoe Basin RSWMP: Phase 1 Documentation – View PDF

Tahoe Basin RSWMP QAPP – View PDF

Tahoe Basin RSWMP SAP – View PDF

Tahoe Basin RSWMP DQO – View PDF 

Lake Tahoe TMDL Technical Documents

Tahoe Basin TMDL Technical Report – View PDF

Lake Tahoe Municipal NPDES Plans – View link

TMDL Catchment Registration and Testing TMDL Tools – PLRM Modeling in the City of South Lake Tahoe’s Urban Planning Catchment B14 – View PDF

A Comparison of Infiltration Observations for Dry Basins in Lake Tahoe – View PDF

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Snapshot Day 14 Year Report and Database

To view the 14 year report – Click Here

To download the 14-year Snapshot Day Database – Click Here