Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Lakeshore Monitoring Site


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Lakeshore Catchment Map

Catchment Map


Catchment Size:

97.8 acres

Dominant Land Use:

This catchment is comprised of higher density development including multi-family residential and commercial properties and a relatively large proportion of primary roads.

Percentage of Impervious Surface:

41% of the catchment area is impervious.


Washoe County


The Lakeshore catchment area is very similar to the Incline Village catchment with the exception of the inclusion of the section of Lakeshore Blvd. from Village Drive to Third Creek and some contributing area directly above.  It also receives some runoff that was rerouted away from the old Incline Village monitoring site.

The monitoring station is located in the ditch that runs parallel to Lakeshore Blvd. shortly before it discharges into Third Creek.  Improvements to the ditch are set to begin 2017 and may include small basins to slow the flow rate and encourage infiltration and a rock-lining.  Monitoring at this station began in October 2016.