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Watercraft Inspections for Sierra County, CA

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Surface waters within Sierra County will receive protection from aquatic invasive species introduction as a result of County Ordinance 1041. Under this ordinance, boaters will be required to complete a watercraft self-inspection prior to launching in surface waters of Sierra County starting in May, 2014. Water bodies affected by this ordinance include Independence Lake, Lake of the Woods, Webber Lake, Milton Reservoir, Jackson Meadows Reservoir, Stampede Reservoir and all Lakes Basin water bodies, including Gold Lake (2 launches), Lower Salmon Lake, Lower Sardine Lake, Upper Sardine Lake, Packer Lake, Snag Lake, Upper Salmon Lake, Lower Salmon Lake, Goose Lake, and Haven Lake.

If established in local waters, aquatic invasive species (AIS), such as quagga mussels, Asian clams and Eurasian Watermilfoil, could degrade aquatic ecosystems, inhibit recreation, damage infrastructure and equipment and cause depreciation in property values. “I applaud the Board of Supervisors for having the vision to be one of the first rural counties to adopt a local AIS inspection ordinance and program that will afford protection to the County’s waterways and further protect this valuable environmental and economic resource”, said Tim Beals, Director of Public Works. Bob Latta, Chairman of the County Fish and Wildlife Commission states “this is a very high priority for the Commission and we anticipate positive public reception to this program that allows boaters to take responsibility for their vessels.”

For the 2014 season, Sierra County will partner with the Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD) to develop and implement the County’s watercraft self-inspection program. Since 2009, the Tahoe RCD has gained experience and developed expertise in the creation and management of watercraft inspection programs in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee regions.

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