Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Stormwater Pollution Action Steps for Residents

  • Maintain a Lake Friendly Landscape
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    Beautify your property and promote stormwater infiltration by implementing a native and adapted lake friendly landscape.


    ~Let the Lake Tahoe and Vicinity Home Landscaping Guide lead you through the process of planning a well integrated lake friendly landscape.

    ~Rain gardens and infiltration basins are a great way to beautify your landscape and reduce stormwater runoff from your property. 

    ~Visit our Demonstration Garden to get inspired and view lake friendly landscape designs.

    ~Use Phosphorus free fertilizers or compost when your landscape needs a boost. Phosphorus feeds aquatic invasive weeds which contribute to the decline in lake clarity. Learn how much is enough for your  yard at TahoeBMP.org

    ~Placing rain barrels under your gutter downspouts to capture snow melt and rain water so you can utilize it for watering your landscape, vegetable gardens, and house plants is a great way to conserve water and also reduce stormwater runoff coming off your property.

  • Install and Maintain BMP's
  • Best Management Practices are a holistic approach to protecting lake clarity and reducing polluted runoff coming off your property.


    ~Learn more about single family residential best management practices at TahoeBMP.org.

    ~Beautify your property and promote stormwater infiltration by implementing a native and adapted Lake friendly landscape.

    ~When planning your landscape, practice the 3 S’s:

              -Slow down the flow of water leaving your property.

              -Spread out the flow of water through your landscape.

              -Sink in as much water into your landscape as possible.


  • Adopt the Stormdrain in Your Neighborhood

    A clean drain is an effective way to make sure that pollutants coming from our urban neighborhoods do not have the ability to reach Lake Tahoe.


    ~Maintaining the storm drain in your neighborhood is a great way to reduce the risk of polluted runoff reaching Lake Tahoe.

    ~Remove trash or any large objects that may be blocking the stormdrain.

    ~Remove excess sediment from the gutter, this can be simply done with a shovel.

    ~Cut back or remove any dead vegetation the may be blocking the stormdrain.

  • Help Keep the Lake Tahoe Watershed Clean
  • We all love to enjoy the beauty of nature in Lake Tahoe, and to make sure it is valued for years to come it takes all of us working together to protect it.



    ~Please make sure to place all trash in an appropriate receptacle. This includes: bottles, wrappers, cigarette butts, and broken recreation toys. 

    ~Litter is carried into the Lake and storm drains, contributing to Lake Tahoe’s clarity decline.

    Litter_Hiding_Spot_Bottle_WEBSITE     Litter_Dirty_Butt_WEBSITE

  • Clean Up Pet Waste
  • Make sure to grab a doggie bag whenever you take your pet for a walk, outing, or going to the park.


    ~Pet waste can effect Lake clarity by adding nutrients which is essential for invasive weed growth.

    ~A study conducted by University Nevada-Reno Cooperative Extension found that E. coli died off rapidly as the fecal material dried in the sun and the heat but given water, such as snow or rain, the parasites within could survive and enter the water source heading to the lake.


  • Wash Vehicles at A Carwash
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    Car wash’s are equipped with filtration units that ensure dirty water, soap, and pollutants do not reach storm drains that lead to Lake Tahoe.


    ~Let the carwash do the work for you and leave with a clean car and conscious.

    ~Fine sediment particles coming from our urban/built environment have been identified as the largest contributor in the decline of lake clarity.

  • Rideshare and Drive Less
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    For more information check out these links from the Tahoe Transportation District. 

    General InformationTahoe Transportation MapSouth Shore Services

    Public transportation or carpooling is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe while also protecting its pristine blue waters.


    ~Fine sediment particles coming off roads have been identified as a major contributor to the decline in Lake clarity.

    ~If you’ve walked along Tahoe’s beaches you may have noticed murky water at the shoreline. The reason for this is fine sediment particles and due to their microscopic size the time they take to settle is so long that they seem to be forever suspended in the water.

  • Properly Dispose of Chemicals
  •  HazardousWasteB

    Click on the link below for a hazardous chemical list and places for disposal in El Dorado County.

    Hazardous chemicals can end up in stormdrains that lead to Lake Tahoe with little to no filtration.


    ~Antifreeze, paint, oil, pesticides, and fertilizers can pollute our drinking water if they end up in storm drains that lead to the Lake with little to no filtration.

    ~If you are having problems with your vehicle while on vacation please visit an automotive mechanic to make sure all chemicals are properly disposed of

    ~South Tahoe Refuse at 2140 Ruth Ave has free hazardous waste disposal on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am-12pm & 1-4pm