Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Pine Needles For Pints

Pine Needles for Pints

Living in a fire adapted landscape requires yearly maintenance for homeowners to ensure the threat of a catastrophic wildfire is reduced.

The Tahoe Resource Conservation District in partnership with Lake Tahoe Aleworx, want to reward homeowners and residents for taking the time to maintain their defensible space. That is why we have partnered up to create PINE NEEDLES FOR PINTS.

Raking and removing pine needles is only one part of defensible space that homeowners can do to reduce their risk to wildfire. Find out what else you can do at Tahoe.LivingWithFire.info

How It Works

Take a photo of you taking action of either raking or bagging your pine needles. Post it on your social media platform. Follow the Tahoe Resource Conservation District and Lake Tahoe Aleworx Facebook pages and include hashtags #LakeTahoeAleworx #aTasteofAdventure #THINKFIRST #PineNeedles4Pints and #FACtivities. Show the host or hostess at Lake Tahoe Aleworx and receive your FREE pint of Cali Common Ale!


Pine Needles for Pints Flyer