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Become a LeaderFAC Leader

The Leader level within Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities (TNFAC) is the foundation to success of the program. These volunteers act as a catalyst to encourage peers and neighbors to become more aware, be proactive in reducing and preparing for the threat to wildfire within the Lake Tahoe Basin. The efforts made by leaders are part of a greater effort then protecting just themselves, or their neighborhoods, their efforts are establishing a culture that is adapted to fire. 

Leaders receive support, on-going education, access to wildfire experts, educational materials, and access to rebates for their community. TNFAC has program coordinators to make it easy to volunteer as a leader. Each fire district in the basin need different types of leaders. If there is not a leader within your neighborhood consider volunteering or help to recruit someone who can take the lead on reducing the wildfire threat in your neighborhood.


A Neighborhood Leader….


Motivated to prepare for wildfire in his/her neighborhood and committed to making their community more Fire adapted.

Required to be a firefighter, wildfire expert, or other wildfire or fuels mitigation professional. The program refers Leaders to expert advice, information, presentations, and technical assistance.

Ready to lead by example by creating a fire adapted home.

Interested only in protecting his/her home from fire.

Willing to work with neighbors and try a variety of strategies to enhance wildfire readiness.

Going to change everyone’s’ minds overnight. It often takes patience, diligence and tact to overcome a wide range of homeowners’ concerns about doing wildfire mitigation.

Able to follow through on wildfire education outreach, planning activities for the neighborhood such as fire hazard reduction projects.

In this alone. Leaders receive ongoing training and support through the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities.

In communication with any community boards, or social groups and keeping them apprised of wildfire preparedness efforts.

 Afraid to share their story. The Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities Monthly Newsletter highlights a community every month to give recognition to those who are volunteering. 


Leader Ideas for Activities, Application and Commitment Form

Select your fire district you belong in and the forms download as a PDF. Contact the FAC Coordinator if you have any problems.

 Educational Opportunities